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Wonderlust king gogol bordello traduzione

wonderlust king gogol bordello traduzione

Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello tabbed by: jinjadaninja email: the only other tab here leaves out a whole bunch of stuff.
What I have owned What I have owned I am a wonderlust king!
This is the bridge at 1:55 where he starts singing?Ukrainian?
Well at least it's something different From what they got in every other airport Ja ne incontri escort catanzaro evrei, no koje-chto pohozge Sovrat ne dast ni Yura ni Seryozga!G D, f# e A E, next Part is the bridge, which is whole notes but no new chords like so: D i've traveled the world looking for understanding.Through Siberian woods Breaking up their neck (Breaking up their neck!) Chinese moving in, building discoteques (Building discoteques!) Trans-Siberian sex toys and what-not Yeah, and why not?But I'm a wonderlust king, i stay on the run, let me out.I saw new history of time, new history of time, through Siberian woods.But I'm a wonderlust king, i stay on the run (The run!Yeah, and why not?Tabbed out by Garrett Linck, e-mail: Standard Tuning, this riff repeats throughout the entire song, it is the chorus and verse.
And billionaires, and generals, they'll never know, they'll never know.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Challenging definitions of sin, i traveled the world, looking for lovers.
Dadadadada dadadadada dadadadada dadadada oh!
Has he not crossed the seven seas.
I saw new history of time, new history of time, and presidents.And presidents And billionaires And generals They'll never know What I have owned What I have owned Hay-eh-ya, hay-eh-ya, hay-eh-ya Hay-eh-ya, hay-eh-ya, hay-eh-ya I am a wonderlust king!Back in the day yo as we learned.Hunting and gathering first hand information.A man was not considered.Has he not crossed the seven seas (Yeah, seven seas at least!From the part where he speaks in Ukrainian(?).I saw new history of time, new history of time!Keep in mind mine doesn't add everything either, but it's a start.Back in the day, yo, as we learned.From what they got in every other airport.G-x-4-x-4- Repeat 7 times, then G Back to main riff.