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What is a 3 4 defense

Next week we'll put a bow on the defensive line and start our discussion of the defensive secondary.
You must read how the game is going and continue to bakeca incontri donne savona implement twists into your offense to keep the defense on their toes.
NFL Game Rewind, in todays installment of the, nFL 101 series, former NFL defensive back Matt Bowen breaks down the basics of the 3-4 defensive front to give you a better understanding of the pro game.
The weak side linebacker (Rover) usually is the premier pass-rusher in a 3-4.Strengths of the 34 include speedy ILBs french putain de merde and OLBs in pursuit of backs in run defense and flexibility to use multiple rushers to confuse the quarterback during passing plays without being forced into man-to-man defense on receivers.For the first type, the outside linebackers (inverts or over hang players) will rush the quarterback, the great majority of the time.If youre multiple in what youre doing, you can bring any of the four linebackers at any time, make your opponent. .In such systems the defensive linemen are assigned two gaps to defend.It is, however, difficult to play a true 2-gap 3-4 front in today's NFL.Base: 30 50 Alignments with Cover.In zone coverage, the cornerback is responsible for an area on the field.
Defensive guru, wade Phillips said, When I started out it was a two-gap defense, the defensive ends had to play two-gap and be able to rush the passer.
While he may be asked to provide run help, he primarily is a cover player and needs to be an intelligent athlete to avoid getting beat over the top.
As you can see in the diagram, the defensive ends (E) are aligned over the offensive tackles (5-technique) and are responsible for playing the 2-gap in the B and C gaps.Personnel Decisions, as with any sport, coaches must understand the talent level of their players and understand where their quality guys are.Coaches need to understand the offenses theyre going up against before deciding if a two-gap works best.A corner will be given one of two ways to defend the pass (with variations that result in more or less the same responsibilities zone and man-to-man.Looking at the draft, I would focus on Missouri's Kony Ealy (6'4 273 lbs Notre Dame's Stephon Tuitt (6'6 304 lbs) and Minnesota's Ra'Shede Hageman (6'6 310 lbs).This scheme requires outside linebackers to have the ability to back pedal and drop into coverage, of course they do rush the passer at times, it is just that they are much more likely to drop into coverage.Matt Bowen/Bleacher Report, to the closed side, the defense is protected with the nose tackle (N) in a 0-shade (or 1-technique) on the outside shoulder of the center (same as a 4-3 Under front the defensive end (E) in a 5/6-technique and the Sam (S).When he found that it allowed him to disguise his coverage schemes, it ultimately lead to the "No Name Defense" that helped the.Disguising and Blitzing, in a 3-4, coaches typically keep the role of the defensive line constant, but experiment in different ways with the linebackers.Is 3-4 Right for You?