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Trois rivieres rhum agricole

trois rivieres rhum agricole

For a 45 ABV rhum, the 1975 was quite soft to smell, more so than the 1986.
And all this intertwined with the sweetness kept way back, a dusting of leather and smoke, aromatic port infused cigarillos, some drier woody notes, and even some brinebut I must emphasize how extraordinarily well this all came together, without any one aspect dominating any other.
Registered in England Wales.
bordelli anni 50 milano With the 1986 things seemed a bit more clear: the box had a notation Vieux 86 and next to that ecole trois ponts riorges Sortie de fût: 04-96 which I take to mean it was distilled in 1986 and released from the barrel for bottling in April of 1996a.Luce 1977 Millesime was also pretty good yet here she does it one better, and perhaps this is one reason why the price of the seven year old 1980 is more than twice that of the 1977 even though less than half as old (that. In 1953, the Marraud Grottes family, owners of their own distillery and the Duquesne brand, bought the estate and sold aged Trois Rivières Duquesne rhums under the brand until 1972.I started by liking it, an hour later I was impressed, and by the time the evening was over I was in love.It is an amalgam of opposites that gel and flow together with all the harmoniousness of a slow moving stream, gentle and assertive, thick and clear, with wonderful depth married to controlled intensity.An amber red rhum gurgled invitingly within.
Yes the vieux statement supposedly tells its tale.
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Trois Rivières is unlikely to have studied the matterbut this rum displays all the fundamentals of both art and simplicity, in a way that elevates the whole to a work of sublime grace.
I can tell you though, that my small disappointments and whinges from above were forgotten the instant the bottle was opened up and poured it into the glass.
As for the finish, well, what can I tell you?Other notes Chantal Comtes website makes no mention of this rum at all.Trois Rivieres is certainly one of those French island companies that prides itself in specific years output, perhaps more than any other rhum maker on the island there are millèsimes from 1953, 1964, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1982, etc etc etcyou get the. Hence my feeling that for all its supposed antecedents, the 1975s ageing (whatever it was) was not sufficient to elevate it to the status of cult classic.The closest rhum to this profile I recall is the Courcelles 1972 which exhibited many of the same characteristics, but was many years older. It took time for the full effect to sink. Not unpleasant, but not your standard fare either Taste: Oh, nice, very well put together.