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Trois fontaines orleans

trois fontaines orleans

A charter dated 1028 of Robert II King of France, confirming donations to Notre-Dame de Colombes, names " granny puttane Aurelianensium præsul Odolricus " and " iamdicti Odolrici præsulis avunculus Rogerius Belvacensis episcopus " 231.
The Flandria Generosa names " Gosfridus episcopus Parisiacensis, frater Eustachii comitis Boloniensis " 285.
The necrology of Saint-André de Chartres records the death XIX Kal Jan of " Galterus episcopus Carnotensis 159.
Bishop of Orléans 1033.The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the death in 1234 of Galtherus Carnotensis and the succession of Hugo 157. .The Annales Nivernenses record the appointment in 921 of " Launi episcopi " 192. .The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the death in 1236 of Hugo episcopus Carnotensis and the succession of magister Albricus Cornutus frater archiepiscopi Senonensis 165. .The Chronicon Sancti Petri Vivi Senonensis records the death 999 XVI Kal Nov of Seuvinus Archiepiscopus and his burial in Monasterii Sancti Petri.Under her testament dated, Jeanne de Périgord named her nephew Cardinal Talairan de Périgord as her sole legatee, with substitution in favour of her nephew Roger-Bernard Comte de Périgord. .The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death " VI Id Feb " of " Guillelmus de Buxiis alias dictus de Aurelianis canonicus Carnotensis " and his donation of domos suas sitas in vico de Bellovidere, and the donations of Guillelmi episcopi quondam Aurelianensis.According to Gallia Christiana 15, Archambaud Archbishop of Sens was the son of Robert Comte de Troyes and his wife Adelais de Bourgogne. .Maurice Chaume identifies Aubry I Vicomte dOrléans (see the document central france nobility) as the father of Gauthier II Archbishop of Sens, assuming therefore that he was the brother of Geoffroy and Betton who are shown above.
The Annales Nivernenses record the appointment " III Kal Jul " 978 of " Rocleni episcopi " 199. .
Archbishop of Sens 1000. .
Iv) .
Prisci militis, donated property to Pontigny, with the consent of nepotis nostri Drogonis de Melloto domini.
One child: a) hardouin (-25 Oct after 954). .rnotensis episcopus confirmed a donation to Notre-Dame de Josaphat made by nominatus Demens, previously confirmed by avunculus meus Gaufredus Carnotensis episcopus, by charter dated. .The Continuatio of Sigebert's Chronica written in Beauvais records in 1092 that domnus Ivo Sancti Quintini Beluacensis prepositus was installed as bishop of Chartres by Pope Urban II 123. .One child: a) gauthier (-20 May after 1181). .The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death " V Id Mar " of " Petri de Campis armigeri fratris Mathei episcopi Carnotensis 173.One child: a) .

The Gesta pontificum Autissiodorensium names " Johannes natione Autissiodorensis, patre Ansaldo, matre Raingarde " as bishop of Auxerre from 996 to 998.
Provost and thesaurarius of Sens.