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The sims 3 prostitute career mod

the sims 3 prostitute career mod

Sex in and of itself is not dangerous, it is only dangerous when you consider STDs and unwanted pregnancies, etc, both of which are preventable regardless of if you are having sex with a les trois palmes cinema la valentine spouse, significant other, casual fling or prostitute.
Over 50,000: Congrats, your brothel is a success!
The ultimate goal is for your brothel to rise up from its humble beginnings into a high class place of business.
8-, insane Inappropriate: This sim is at their lowest point in life and is only working the brothel because of undiagnosed mental illness.They must always make their client a boyfriend/girlfriend before woohooing, and must break up with them before woohooing the next client.They also must be best friends with the person.OK so on to the challenge.You then can use testingcheatsenabled true to "add to household." No significant others may join, only new prostitutes.
5-, unflirty Commitment issues: This sim will only woohoo with another when the relationship is at its highest possible.
10-, neat Natural Cook: These sims must take care of the other members of the brothel.
Athletic Brave: After reaching the top of the athletic skill, these sims can woohoo as many times with the same sim as they'd like because of their smokin hot body and lack of insecurities.
No jobs, writing books, doing art, etc.
These prostitutes do not count towards the next generation.
Obviously some children will not be the right gender and must be moved out asap.Obviously the first thing you need to do is make your brothel building.However, their woohoo is more satisfying and every successful woohoo is worth 2 kachings.In addition to being the right gender, the heirs must be able to contribute to the brothel.They must have a good relationship with everyone, make a large meal for everyone once a day, and keep the brothel clean.Brothel Challenge, before I explain mamme porche lesbiche the challenge, I wanted to post a warning.If a prostitute sim shares a trait with one of their clients (ex- they both have the evil trait) then you may kaching twice.You must roll for their traits when they are born in the same way you rolled for their parents traits.Prostitution should be legalized.Someone find me a legitimate justifiable reason why the law should be able to ban sex for money, other than it already does.If you can't guess by the title, this is a sort of R rated challenge.You may create as little as 2 prostitutes or as many.Alternatively, your sims may also go out on the town and look for clients to bring back to the brothel.

You must buy the largest lot available to start off, leaving you with less than 3,000.
If you end up buying a smaller lot, you must get rid of your money in some other way (buying trees and other non useful items, using familyfunds cheat, etc) Your brothel must begin as a seedy and low brow place.
Your resulting number corresponds with the following traits and gameplay for that sim.