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Il est trois heures

The pronunciation will be "ee-le-tyoo-nu-re duh-mee" in French.
"elle est" "she is but "carribais" does not exist in French.
Il est timide means "He is shy elle est timide means "She is shy" in French.
24.00 Il est minuit.Il y a trois heures: 3 hours ago: trois heures." It's 1:30 " and " It's 1-1/2hours " are English equivalents of the French phrase Ilest une heure et demi.In correct English it would be: His name is, or it's name.It would depend on where you see the word.Non, je ne réussirai pas, je viendrai à dix heures moins le quart.He is translates to Il est.A quelle heure arrive le train?3 It is half past three.
She is translates to Elle est.
Il est deux heures et quart.
Thepresent indicative verb est means he/it/one/she) is".The number une means "one (1.
Ex: (about a movie) il est nul parce qu'il est trop sentimental (itis rubbish because it is too maudlin).
4 It is a quarter to three.
The affirmative phrase "c'est" means "it is".Quelles sont tes heures de fonctionnement?8.15 Il est huit heures quinze.The conjunction et means"and".Its a quarter past eight.Specifically, the subject pronoun il is "he, it".The number 'dix' means 'ten'.1) "He is late if the pronoun "il" refers back to a person, or, 2) "it is late if "il" refers back to a to have a watch or other mean to tell what time.Excusez-moi, je me suis réveillé à huit heures.It is 3:00.m.It came to mean three people le puttane who live together and share sex.