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French putain de merde

french putain de merde

As an interjection it's especially popular (such as in shock when seeing a car crash or an amazing sindaco di sanremo ragazzi fate bordello goal).
Basically I can say it all the time then?As an exclamation covers a whole range of emotions, from anger, to joy, fear to surprise says Chevalier-Karfis.It literally means something like "whore" or "hooker although is probably most similar to "fuck" in English in the way it is used.There's also putain de connard or putain de salaud (basically f*king arsehole) Ok so when can I use it?You can also use it as an adjective: This putain de chien is "this f*ker of a dog." SEE also: 11 signs you've cracked French.Is that the Russian President?It's important to note that the word is far less extreme than the famous English "C-word" (that some young French anglophiles have an unfortunate love of saying among Anglo audiences).
If you really want, you can take it a step further and say putain de bordel de merde (literally: "the whore of the brothel of shit" or "f*k f*k f*k!).
Saying it in front of your mother-in-law or your boss could lead to serious consequences in terms of pay-rises or inheritance.
Tell me more "Putain is the most commonly-used swear word among French people (and among expats who've been here longer than three years.).
Is closer to a more profane version of damn!
You could say it when seeing a friend you haven't seen for ages, or when you drop your croissant on the ground, or when you stub your toe, for example.
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Foreigners may try to translate a word they use back home she says.Putain literally refers to a prostitute, but the interjection, putain!There is a big difference in when you could say it to when you should say."It's very easy to use a strong slang word while not understanding how strong.How To Use Putain -At the beginning of a sentence: Putain, the traffic this morning has been awful -As an adjective: This putain de voiture (poo-TUH duh vwa-tour lit, whore of a car) kept honking at me -As an interjection: (upon seeing the parking lot.Derived terms edit Retrieved from " incontri per adulti a torino ".However, like most slang, use some discretion when speaking with: -An Older French Person -A French Business Colleague Youve Just Met -Children -Someone of Distinguished Stature, do you curse in French?It's got about the same level of offensiveness as "shit" and the literal equivalent of "whore".french language expert Camille Chevalier-Karfis, who is in her forties, tells us it was her generation that made the word popular.And you shouldn't say it in front of impressionable children, even though most of them say it anyway, says Chevalier-Karfis.Etymology edit, from putain and merde.Swearing is a language skill that is best kept in your passive vocabulary, says Chevalier-Karfis.often les trois moulins angers truncated to 'Pute!Photo: debaird/Flickr, oK so what's the English equivalent?

Putaine de merde, mec, on va aller en taule» s'exclame un des deux pilotes après avoir réalisé son erreur.